Faith's Collections Re-Branding Story

by Shemika Seaton

On April 1st 2022, Shemika (owner of the brand) decided to launch a rebrand of her company, and here is why.

Shemika has always promoted her brand to be luxurious, with the perfect experience. She wanted her beauties to feel relaxed from browsing the website,  too checking out, and lastly them receiving their order. She quickly noticed that the brand was not up to her standard, and began to brainstorm. Six months into her developing brand, she concluded that she wants a minimalistic vibe to her brand. She wanted a sleek black and white with a pop of pink. This is when she returned to the drawing board, and decided to stay true to herself, and reflect it into her brand. She continued with the initial logo that was first chosen, and since then she continues to develop the idea. 

Even though she had many doubts her family continued to reassure her. She was instructed to listen to her heart and pray about it, and indeed she did. Shemika shares that she remembered," sitting over her products wiping the jars with isopropyl alcohol,  and she began to meditate, sing, and cry out to God for answers, because the doubts was growing, and she got the answers that she was searching for. The answer was stay true to yourself and your originality. Stay true to your mission."

For everyone that is new Shemika created Faith's Collections to put self care in everyone's busy day to day schedule, by creating fun products that make you want to take a break and love yourself. Faith's Collections take pride in helping women feel great about themselves, which brings out their inner radiance to be bold, and confident in their own skin and bodies. Her goal is to ship worldwide to connect with other women help them take a break while transforming their skin.

Shemika has a lot more to come than what she has display thus far, she plan on show us some of her creative background before the year of 2022 is over as she continue to drop future collections.

Lastly, Shemika wanted to close out by thanking all the beauties that has supported her brand thus far.